"These groups have various means to approach the other world, to reach a religious ecstasy:
disguises, masks; noise (bells, drums, etc.); intoxicating drinks (especially beer and liquor);
movement (such as dance) and music (singing, but also invocatory formulas, similar to
magical chants, spoken in a falsetto voice), etc. ... With their disguises as well as their behavior
the masked ones want to demonstrate they represent supernatural entities and
not human beings. They dress as ghostly as possible, speaking with a falsetto voice,
reaching ecstasy by dancing, music and noise. ...Their clothes should be nightmarish
as possible. They attempted to dress as ugly as they were able.
They had terrible eyes, with big white rings or painted up with coal."
[Johannessen, 13, 95]

"Society has no idea of what it is dealing with. By the Church's thousand year anniversary it has
not grasped that the demand for logical consquence and rationality also can find a religious variety,
which - contrary to the lie of eternal life - worships the ecstatic contemplation of truth, which is death,
for nothing is more true. With that within sight, reality will suddenly feel close and near. To make it
even more intense, one worships it in all shapes and colors, with text, pictures and music, like any
other religion. The truthful as the good, and therefore the beautiful, is a basic Aristotelian principle
that has definitely not passed the black-clad by. When this seems to be the reality in the heads
of these self-styled fog-bursters, it would be naive to think that they are moved by a weaker force
than one that has always made enthusiasts force the truth, contrary to society's beliefs.
My conclusion is that this society is facing a movement that it will take a long time to establish a clear view
upon, and that any lightly considered action against it may be like putting out a fire with gasoline."
[Morgenbladet, 1995]